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Resources to help organisations become more dementia friendly

The Dementia Friendly Stockton project has compiled a number of resources that can help your organisation become more dementia friendly.

The resources include:

You can also view our resource pack ‘Dementia Friendly Stockton: Resources for Organisations’ which we have compiled to help organisations become more dementia friendly.

Useful resources on dementia friendly communities

A dementia-friendly community is a city, town or village where people with dementia are understood, respected and supported and confident they can contribute to community life.

To make Stockton-on-Tees more dementia friendly we are asking everyone in our community to think about what we can each do to help ensure people living with dementia and their carers are able to remain active and included members of our community.

The Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia

In March 2012 the Prime Minister, David Cameron, launched the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia: Delivering major improvements in dementia care and research by 2015.

The Prime Minister’s challenge included an aim of having “dementia-friendly communities across the country” and set a target that, by 2015, up to 20 cities, towns and villages should have signed up to become more dementia-friendly.

Reports have been produced to describe progress made towards achieving the Prime Minster’s Challenge on Dementia after both six months and a year.

Dementia Friendly Communities Champion Group

A Dementia Friendly Communities Champion Group was created in order to lead the work on dementia friendly communities. The group is co-chaired by Jeremy Hughes (Chief Executive of the Alzheimer’s Society) and Angela Rippon OBE (journalist and broadcaster).

Dementia Action Alliance

The national Dementia Action Alliance comprises of over 100 organisations who have signed up to the National Dementia Declaration and aims to improve the lives of people with dementia and their carers by the end of the National Dementia Strategy in 2014.

Since the launch of the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia the Dementia Action Alliance is working to establish Local Dementia Action Alliances across the UK. In many communities Local Dementia Action Alliances are providing a useful vehicle for building dementia friendly communities.

Research on developing dementia friendly communities

A number of reports have been produced that aim to increase understanding about what it means to create dementia friendly communities. These reports included:

Local Government Association – Developing dementia-friendly communities: Learning and guidance for local authorities
Innovations in Dementia – Dementia-Friendly Hampshire Toolkit
Innovations in Dementia – Dementia Capable Communities
North East Dementia Alliance – Knowing the Foundations of Dementia Friendly Communities for the North East
Joseph Rowntree Foundations – Creating a Dementia-Friendly York
Mitchell, Lynne – Breaking New Ground: The Quest for Dementia Friendly Communities
Housing LIN – At a Glance: A Checklist for Developing Dementia Friendly Communities
Alzheimer’s Society – Building dementia-friendly communities: A priority for everyone

Recognition Process for Dementia Friendly Communities

In September 2013 the Alzheimer’s Society launched a Recognition Process for Dementia Friendly Communities. This process aims to enable communities to be publicly recognised for working towards becoming dementia-friendly and to show that they are following common criteria.

All communities that register for the dementia-friendly communities’ recognition process need to be working towards meeting the Recognition Process’s foundation criteria for dementia friendly communities. The foundational criteria has been produced by the Alzheimer’s Society and is included in the guide Foundation criteria for the dementia-friendly communities recognition process.

The Alzheimer’s Society has also produced guidance notes for communities who would like to register with the recognition process and an infographic which illustrates what a dementia-friendly community means to people living with dementia.

The borough of Stockton-on-Tees is registered with the recognition process as a community working to become more dementia friendly.