Teesside Park – Buddi Device

As of Monday 1st February 2016 Teesside Park in Stockton-on-Tees will be providing Buddi equipment free of charge to people living with dementia and their carers whilst out shopping.

The Buddi will be able to be used by customers who need it for the duration of their visit on at the shopping park, the scheme will run for one month (February 2016) in order to assess the operational capability and the customer demand.

The aim is to provide customers with further support by the use of technology and reduce the time taken to locate any persons that are missing or separated from carers and loved ones. These will be free to use and collected from the management centre on the park, an onsite control room will monitor the movements of the device and be ready to deploy security staff if needed.

For more information contact David Beech – Operations Supervisor, Teesside Shopping Park, Management Centre Tel: 01642 679447.

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